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  • Non-chlorine bleach for white and colored clothes, removes efficiently dirt and stains, enhances and preserves the colors. Always use COLORS MAXPEL with washing powder you prefer.

  • The bleach Alfaclor II is indicated to target textile fibers and removal of blood stains , medicines , etc. How to use: clothing with light dirt : 1.0 to 1.5 g / l of water, with low level. Clothing Industrial and Hospital : 3.0 to 5.0 g / l of water with low level. Always use cold water or up to 60 ° C and leave it for at least 10 minutes

  • It is indicated for residual chlorine neutralization and elimination of alkalinity, that result from tissue washings with chlorinated products , type : Bleach , Bleach Chlorine base. It is recommended to use the product in dilution of 0.1 to 0.5% of the volume of water. Application in the rinse after use of bleach or bleach Chlorine base, the washing of...

  • It is a product applied to the softening of textile fiber. improves touch and extends the life of pounds in use. Used in hospital, industrial and Iavanderias hotel.

  • It is an odorant clothing after washing and ready. Act  and leaving sweet fragrance. Available in Confortable and Sapphira fragrances. The product used in laundries, indicated to improve the perfuming of textiles after washing and the finish. Buckets of 20 liters

  • It is applied in the removal of dirt and stains from grease, fats and vegetable and mineral oils FIBRE. Used in industrial laundries. It features a great performance. It is fully soluble in water. Returns fiber to your natural color. Made from biodegradable surfactant.

  • The DETERGENT POWDER BQ1000 ENZIMULT was developed for washing acting effectively in organic soils , such as blood, feces , urine, juice stains , oils , etc. Used in hospital laundries, industrial , etc. Made from surfactant BIODEGRADABLE and has no phosphates.

  • The Detergent Powder BQ 1000 is indicated for: CLEANING THROUGH THE PROCESS OF SECONDARY detergency AS SUPPLEMENT FOR CLEANING SURFACES WASHABLE DIRT WILL CARRY HEAVY . Directions: DOSAGE : 6 to 12 g of powder detergent dry clothes BQ1000.porquiIo . TEMPERATURE: From cold to 09 ° C OPERATING TIME : Minimum 20 minutes LEVEL OF WATER: Low .

  • It is a detergent used in wetting hospital clothes, hotel and restaurants during the prewash, wash and, in order to assist the detergent to be used later, and washing fine clothes. Decreases the number of initial rinses. 

  • It is an applied detergent for wetting clothes hospital during the prewash, aiming to help the detergent to be used later and washing fine clothes. Decreases the number of initial rinses. It Can be used in washing machines or manually. Easy dissolution in any type of water.

  • It is an applied detergent for wetting hospital clothes during the pre-Iavagem eIavagem, aiming to assist the dertergente to be used posteriormenrte, and Iavagem of fine clothes. Product made of surfactant.

Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items