Privacy Policy Benzoquímica

Privacy Policy Benzoquímica

To improve our services and continuously improve the browsing experience, we collect important information of our customers.

Registration information: many of our services require the customer to have a register with a user account. When you register, we collect information such as your name, email, shipping address and billing, contact phone, ID number, date of birth, gender, among other requested. The customer can choose not to provide some information, but it is likely that your browsing experience do not count on all the features offered.

Sending e-mail: in order to improve the relevance of our communication, we received a notification when our emails are opened and if this feature is available on the client computer.

Other sources: may collect specific information from mobile devices accessing the Benzoquímica. Eventually we receive customer information from other sources, as partners of entries to add them to our database, which in no event will be shared with third parties.

In addition, we store certain information we automatically receive every time the customer interacts with our website and advertisements of Benzoquímica. Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browser type and pages viewed on our website are some examples of this collection, which is done through cookies.

Cookies are identifications of interaction with our website or our advertisements that are transferred to the client device in order to recognize it in the next navigation. We use cookies to provide a better experience in our store and enable custom features like product recommendations, advertising and information of customer interest items, for example.

The client can disable the saving of cookies on your browser, delete them and manage their use through the browser configuration that you use to access the Benzoquímica.

Client Control

Privacy Policy Benzoquímica

The customer has the freedom to choose what information you want to provide for Benzoquímica, however, some of them are essential for the completion of applications and better browsing experience in the store.

At the time of registration or filling in your e-mail directly on the site, the client chooses to receive regular newsletters and promotions by email, SMS or direct mail.

Sending electronic messages will occur only with the client's consent and can be disabled at any time, requesting unsubscribe from your email by contacting our Customer Service by email or phone.

The main internet browsers enable customers to manage the use of cookies on your machine. Our recommendation is to keep the rescue of connected cookies.
This way, you can explore all custom navigation features offered by Benzoquímica, but if the client does not agree, you can disable this function.

The update and correct supply of data to Benzoquímica in the registration of the act is the customer's responsibility. If desired, the customer can cancel your registration by contacting our Customer Relationship via chat, email or phone.

With the constant evolution of the business model, the Benzoquímica reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time.

At any time, the customer can ask questions about our privacy policy through our Relationship Center via e-mail, telephone or social networks.

Information Security

All payment transactions by credit card or not, are performed with SSL (Secure Socket Layer), ensuring that all personal data of the client, such as shipping address, credit card information and order history , are never disclosed. In addition, this technology aims to prevent information from being transmitted or accessed by third parties.

It is important that the customer protect your information from unauthorized access to your computer, account or password. The client must always make sure you click "Exit" to terminate your navigation on a shared computer.

The Benzoquímica alert to all customers who will never send e-mails requesting confirmation of data or attachments that can run (extensions: .exe, .com, etc.) or links to any downloads.

Information Sharing

The security and confidentiality of information of our customers are very important to our business. However, the viability of certain services by our partners only occur with sharing some of this information, what we do with responsibility and following strict parameters. Below we cite cases where information sharing is necessary:

Suppliers: suppliers and third work with Benzoquímica to enhance our business. Examples logistics services applications, sending emails, database analysis, creation of marketing actions and processing of transactions by credit card. Many of these services are only possible with the information our customers share, however, is important to stress that its use is authorized only for the contracted purposes.
New businesses: the continued development of our business, procurement processes and fusion, subsidiaries and other businesses can occur. This transfer of business, their customers information is also transferred, but still, the Privacy Policy will be maintained.

Request Judicial

The Benzoquímica can share personal data in case of judicial request.

With the customer's authorization: in other cases, there is the need to share information, we will send the customer a notification requesting their approval or disapproval.

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