Benzoquimica - Termos e Condições de Uso


  • By placing an order in Bnzoquímica, the product will be dispatched within a maximum of three days working days after the confirmation of acceptance of our commercial conditions.





  •  The customer must verify that the goods suffered no damage in its path and should immediately report on their status to the company responsible for the transport up to 1 day of receipt.

       ccording to the Consumer Protection Code, who are dissatisfied with the purchased product or a service provided by any company to have the money refunded.


The client has a maximum period of 7 days to cancel the deal, starting from the receipt of the product, and ask for their money back, regardless of the reason. This right is enshrined in Article 49 of Chapter Six on Protection. Contract, the Consumer Protection Code and can not generate any cost to the person.

The user, by accepting the terms and conditions of use, responsible for the data entered in the register.