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The Benzoquímica - Industry and Chemicals Ltda, genuinely Pernambuco undertaking situated in the city of Olinda, Heritage of Humanity since 1991 by entrepreneurs Alfredo Neves Salazar, Economist and Maria de Fátima Borges Pereira Salazar, Industrial Chemistry, which always possessed a similar business vision and starting from their will, with great dedication, commitment, responsibility, dynamism, perseverance and courage founded this company in order to initially industrialize products for institutional cleaning surfaces and having an excellent market acceptance and credibility, off together as applications and customer needs to develop products in the Hospital Laundry line, which are recognized by customers and competitors as products of excellent quality, cost and benefit.
Today we serve the institutional market developing more and better products. Always looking to innovate in the application of quality raw materials and that do not cause environmental damage, given new market expectations always with customers and suppliers as our partners.


"Partnering with clients to identify and solve their daily needs, entitling our product technology and efficiency in applications. Providing your well-being, comfort and safety. "


"To be among the best companies Sanitizing the Northeast Region."


"Keep a united and motivated team, scored ethics and socio-environmental commitment, always respecting the law. "

Environmental Commitment

Benzoquimica - Quem Somos - Compromisso Ambiental

Benzoquimica - About Us - Environmental Commitment
Produce products from sustainable practices to share with society a healthy environment and can provide greater well-being.